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Stay On-Trend with Children's Haircuts in Berkeley, CA

Haircuts allow us to express our personalities and provide a boost of self-confidence. A sharp-looking cut can make all the difference in how we feel about ourselves. A child’s experience is no different. Allowing them to experiment with new styles or to follow trends can have a profoundly positive impact on their outlook.

Opening Doors

Whether it’s their very first haircut or they want to explore the newest fashion, University Hair Care children’s haircuts in Berkeley, CA, are sure to bring out their best. Our hair salon staff will make every visit enjoyable, sharing a selection of possibilities with your child. Our thoughtful hairdressers ensure your child gets the cut and style that helps them feel great.

Developing a Look 

There’s nothing like the transformative effects of a haircut, and the wonder of childhood makes it all the more exciting. No matter the age, our kid’s haircuts are the perfect way for your child to express themselves. Allow us to be the very first stylists to introduce them to the possibilities that a great haircut can create, from increased self-confidence to developing a unique look.

 Call today to book your child’s haircut, and let us help enhance the way they see themselves.

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